"David Clawson is an American chef and restauranteur with influences that were rooted in the classic French cuisine of La Caravelle Restaurant in NYC and has included a culinary journey for four decades through some of the finest American and Asian hotels & restaurants. Featured in Vegas Magazine as one of the "Ace Chefs" of Las Vegas, his eponymously tilted restaurant earned the "Best of Las Vegas" award for 2015." Chef Clawson now specializes in providing expert guidance assisting hotels and restaurants to maximize quality and efficiency.”



What more could you possibly want from your meat other than sensational marbling, wonderful tenderness, perfect texture and delicious flavor?

meat dishes


The amount of time that the fish has been kept out of the water, 24 to 36 hours from being caught, is ideal for me. I try to find seafood that is kept really cold, fresh, sustainable and tastes great. That is my criteria.

fish dishes


When I began cooking professionally we only used fruits & vegetables in their season. Early and late season we would use them for soups and purees, and in their peek we would use them in everything, tell everyone about them and compare them to previous years. 

vegetable dishes