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2015 Winner of 35th annual Best of Las Vegas Award

Vegas Magazine - October 2015
by John Curtas, photography by Shane McCauley

David Clawson Restaurant definitely worth the trip
Las Vegas Review Journal, by Heidi Knapp Rinella

At First Bite: Quiet Storm
Desert Companion February 2015, by Mitchell Wilburn

Pint-Sized Perfection at David Clawson
Seven Magazine, by Al Mancini

David Clawson Restaurant
Endo Edibles, by Michael Uzmann

Ditch the Strip for David Clawson
LocalLuxe, by Mila Pantovich

Eating Crow at David Clawson
Eating Las Vegas, by John Curtas

Selling Customers on a Unique Concept
Independent Restaurateur, By Howard Riell

A Refreshing Farewell to Pretentious Dining
David Clawson, A Fine Cooking Restaurant

by Aly Wagonseller